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Her debut album was released in 1988 and since then she had released 12 albums.

Kylie is definitely one of the most successful Australian talents with a worldwide recognition, and she even has her own wax figurine to prove it.

After Smith’s character was killed off in 1988, the actress continued to appear in other television shows like the famous Home and Away and Sons and Daughters.

Let’s check out what some of the most memorable residents of Ramsay Street have been up to.Her bad audition actually prompted her to be very persistent as she kept ringing the producers trying to get them to cast her for different role, and her hard work paid off as she was eventually cast as Jane Harris or ‘Plain Jane Superbrain’. Jones’ character as Jane Harris actually had some of the most interesting storylines revolving around the young girl who goes through a major makeover, going from the geeky and intelligent one to pretty much a heartbreaker and all of that just to win the attention of Mike Young.Jones left the show in 1989 when she wanted to pursue other career opportunities, however made a comeback during the 20th anniversary of the show, along with many of her ex co-stars.The two met during physiotherapy sessions, where he worked as a paraplegic.

Liam originally started when he was a guest star, however he ended up staying for more than a year.

Keane’s time of the show in many ways cost him his health as he couldn’t handle his sudden fame and as a result started to develop drug issues and depression. Unlike his other famous co stars, after leaving show, Keane had to deal with his depression and drug problems for a very long time, a few years in fact.